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The new revolutionary Quooker boiling water tap

When you need boiling water in the kitchen, to make a cup of tea for example, you simply turn the childproof tap, and the Quooker dispenses your hot water instantly.

Instant Hot Water Taps

You can think of the Quooker as a tap that is inbetween an electric kettle, a thermos flask, a water purifier and a height adjustable tap. The Quooker stores three litres of water at 110 degrees C, in an insulated tank, like a large thermos flask below the work-surface. As the tank is so well insulated, it is cool to the touch, and requires very little energy to keep the water hot. When you turn the tap, the water passes through a filter to purify it, and is dispensed in a fine spray, which helps protect against burns.

  • Fact 1: Energy efficient
    Unlike with an electric kettle, the only water you use with a Quooker is the water you need. No water is wasted due to over filling the kettle or by having to reheat the water if you forget you boiled the water. Due to the Quookers unique high vacuum insulation, once the water is at 110° degrees the energy consumption is is only 3 pence per day.
  • Fact 2: Safe
    Thousands of accidents are caused by kettles each year, many involving young children. The Quooker, on the other hand, comes with a child proof push-and-turn handle, is securely mounted to the worktop and is double-walled. As well as the tap being safe, the water comes out as a fine spray rather than a solid jet meaning a short exposure to the steam will not instantly scald.
  • Fact 3: Water saving
    When heating water in a pan or kettle it is common to heat up more than what is actually used. The Quooker allows you to only use the water that is needed.
  • Fact 4: Space saving
    The Quooker saves space on the worktop by eliminating the need for a kettle and other appliances that require the use of boiling water. The Quookers compact vacuum insulated tank fits neatly under your sink, still leaving cupboard space.
  • Fact 5: Time saving
    As all our lives become busier, the time we have to prepare meals has, according to research, gone from 60 minutes down to 30. The Quooker allows you to save time by not needing to wait for water to boil. That means you can instantly start to cool pasta, eggs, noodles etc whilst also being able to blanch vegetables, prepare baby formula etc.

The secret behind the Quooker tap lies in its pressurised holding tank which stores water at 110 degrees resulting in the water being at boiling point once it hits the air. To ensure that a Quooker tap is safe the water is expelled as a fine spray of steam rather a jet of water and the output of a Quooker tap never exceeds 0.05 litres of water per second.

This unique feature gives the Quooker tap a great range of versatility within the home. From making a cup of tea or coffee to sterilizing a babies bottle the Quooker tap has as only many uses as you can come up for it.

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